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Indigo Classic

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    Our famous Indigo RY rebalanced and paired down to the essential classic RY components. Tobacco, Caramel, and Vanilla. If you love our Indigo Ry then the Classic is a must try!

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    1. smooth vape

      Used other E liquids, but this is the best for Aspire Nautilus. Atomizers lasts far longer compared to other ones I've tried. on

    2. BEST EVER

      This one should be on the top of the list. Although I am new at vaping, and I've only tried like 10 flavors, this is the best one I've ever had, by far. It gave me a piece of mind because before I got it I was seriously considering going back to cigarettes, because everything before was disappointing. As for their claims of Caramel and Vanilla on this product....I don't understand. I taste a hint of honey, but mostly neutral and tobacco-ish. Delicious people!

    3. Great Juice!!!

      I have yet to find an "Ry4" type e-liquid that I actually enjoy.... Until now! The ingredients always catch my eye but I'm always let down by the flavor.. Not with this!! This and the Indigo ry4 are very similar and both are amazing juices! Give em a try!!!

    4. Could be my Boba's killer!

      I am so close to making this my ADV. Ordered 30ml - the flavor and vapor production are the best ive tried in an eliquid. Very satisfying. Indigo is now my favorite vendor!

    5. My Favorite Tobacco

      I love Indigo Classic. I have always been intrigued by the description of an RY, but never before have I liked it. This is a sweet caramel/vanilla, but does not over power the tobacco. very smooth and perfectly blended.absolutely no "off" flavors in any of the Indigo tobacco's I have tried. Perfect.

    6. Indigo Classic

      Great service, but in terms of the flavor of this vape, I was a bit disappointed. Instead of Caramel, vanilla, tobacco. To me it was more like honey, vanilla, tobacco. The caramel is my favorite part of an RY4 and I'm not a fan of the honey-like flavor in this one.

    7. More of a traditional RY-4

      This is a much sweeter version of Indigo RY. If you are looking for an RY-4 that is closer to the original, order a bottle and try this out.

    8. Indigo Classic

      Perfect juice for me. I vape mostly tobacco juice and this one is great. Not too sweet, but sweet enough. Great taste and vapor! I bounce back and forth with this one and Eastwood all day long. on

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