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Indigo Express

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    Our version of the classic 555 express. Enough complexity to keep you guessing about the recipe while staying true to the original. A fantastic nutty blend, complimented with an authentic tobacco.

    This flavor includes nut flavoring, which the manufacturer recommends not be consumed in any way if you have had allergic reactions to nuts in the past.

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    1. It's the best.

      Starts out good and just gets better. I enjoy most all of indigos flavors but this is my all day vape. It's not sweet like most flavors and that's what I enjoy. Thank you and keep up the good work. on

    2. good

      super nutty and earthy flavor. no sweetness that i could detect. could use a bit of caramel/

    3. A True Fav

      While I enjoy most of the Indigo tobaccos (serious quality juices) this beauty won the honor of my EVERYDAY vapor. It's smooth but has enough heartiness to be satisfying. The nutty flavor is light but adds uniquely to the total flavor. I don't get any initial throat roughness/burn like I do with a few others, there isn't any 'cool' hit to it. It's just spot on for me, Money shot!!

    4. This is awesome

      "It takes a lot of b__lls to put out a simple, unassuming 555 blend these days, and expect to compete with the ""big guys"". Well Indigo express has the quality and taste to do so.
      What I get is the sensation I used to get when I smoked analogs, but specifically those 2 or 3 smokes a day that I really enjoyed out of my daily pack and a half. I already ordered a bigger bottle. Good job!!!!"

    5. Folks, We Have A Winner

      I have been searching high and low for a juice that replicated a real tobacco taste. Someone suggested I try Indigo's tobacco blends. All I can say is I'm blown away. I have 4 tanks with Express, Duke, Eureka and Kick Back...I love them all! Thank You from...aka The Tobacco Snob...

    6. Wow! What a throat hit!

      This e-liquid deserves more attention... What a wreckless throat hit!! Soooo good! Dont get me wrong, it is a smooth tobacco with that distinct Indigo flavor... But it has its own taste... Its hard to describe what it reminds me of but it is by far the best "555" variant that I have ever had. The only problem I have with the juice is it seems to disappear quickly... I almost gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it went so fast....

    7. Hot DAMN!

      "So, I received a small sampler bottle of this (in 12 mg/mL) with my first order. Like Mr. Larrick said, this juice benefits greatly from a good long steep.

      When I first received it, I found the flavor to be pretty much exactly like the Classic; I get a LOT of popcorn out of Indigo's tobacco flavors right outta the mailbox (with the exception of the Oorah!). Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed, and I tossed the bottle into a drawer and forgot about for a couple months.

      Yesterday, I rediscovered it, and gave it a shot...

      OH MY GAWD, what a juice. This is that tobacco I've always wanted when out at the bars around my analogous friends. It's smokey, it hits like a f***in' TRAIN, and the flavor is just a leeeeeetle sweet. Goes REALLY well with a tongue-buckling IPA.

      So yes, buy some of this juice, and forget about it for a while. Just remember that the TH is insane on this one."

    8. Harsh at first, so let it steep

      "You really have to let this stuff steep for a while. The first hit I took the day I received this flavor, almost knocked me on my butt. It was crazy strong, and tasted like burning firewood.

      After a week of steeping, the harshness has mellowed and I can finally enjoy it."

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