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The Duke

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    If you are looking for a strong, bold and flavorful tobacco - The Duke is for you.  The is a tobacco that the Man himself would be proud to vape!

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    1. excellent

      Has a fresh smooth taste. Highly recommended. Especially if your trying to get away from the full flavor cigs. on

    2. Very good

      Been vaping Eureka for quite a while, which so far has been my favorite juice out of many brands and flavors, but started to get a tired of it. The Duke is my new favorite. Less nutty flavor and more honey but very flavorful and smooth. Thumbs up! on

    3. Excellent ADV, Highly recommend

      Brilliant balance of tobacco flavor with a graham cracker finish. My new ADV, highly recommend it!


    4. Definatly in my top 3 analogs, just not THE one.

      I know Im contradicting many opinions on here, but after about 20 analog juice tries this STAYS in the mix of my top 3, not to be thrown into the garbage like so many others have.
      I smoke over a pack a day of Mrl Med 100s, this juice is right about there.
      There just is no "nutty""flue cured" or "hazelnut taste in real analogs.
      I put this at even in my top 3 catagory with Red and Whites and Lara Craft by Eve.
      May do some mixing of the 3 for a petfect 10, we ll see.
      To Indigos credit : they are tops in the quality of their juice, customer service, extras, speed of shipping, and the fact that I have not steeped this juice even a full day yet.
      oh and their Indigo Birthday Cake will immediatly go into your top 10 rotation, promise.

    5. My #1 ADV

      Get a bottle and bask in all its glory. The BEST cigarette you'll never smoke. This is my "Holy Grail." There's no coconut in this bad boy, but bet your balls I'll take down the Rabbit of Caerbannong for this flavor. Straight from the mail this hits like a champ and will satisfy ANOLOUGUS urges you have. Migrate and get the biggest bottle possible. Thanks, Indigo. Don't mind the Monty Python reference, but I'm sire you understand the coconut references. Signed: A satisfied customer. \m/ Keep up the good work.

    6. one of the best e-liquids

      After trying the Duke reserve, I went ahead and ordered the big bottle of the Duke. It is probably my favorite long term flavor and the more you wait the better it gets. I mainly use cartomizers because I travel so much and this is a juice that tastes great with a standard ego battery and carto setup. When I found a bottle I'd forgotten that was a year old, I nearly went to heaven with the taste, especially the exhale. The only negative that I hadn't notice on my previous orders is that there is a tobacco smell and because I keep a couple of setups in my shirt pocket, I could smell it every so often. Maybe that fades after time and perhaps it is just that I'm getting my sense of taste and smell back.

    7. Nailed it.

      I don't know where to start! The Duke satisfies me in a way that other juices just cannot. The flavor is a solid tobacco with a hint of the perfect measure of sweetness (hazelnut?) in the background. The throat hit is very impressive for a 12mg (sign of quality nicotine). The vapor on this (like all of Indigo's offerings) is heavenly. Big, smooth, velvety, and voluminous clouds wrap up this experience in PERFECTION. Seriously guys, it's a beautiful thing. I'm using 2.2 ohm Kanger heads in my Protank Mini 2 on a vv and I only need to set it at between 3.2-3.7 volts for this full experience. More info about Indigo: For the 1st time in my vaping career my coils are lasting weeks on end. I can vape through 4-5 tankfuls and when I take my coil out for cleaning, the wicks are STILL see-through and the coils have NO burnt, charred juice on them. Indigo has impressed me with the quality of their juices. So clean. The vapor is JUST as thick and beautiful on the 4th tank as it was on the 1st.

    8. The Best

      "After trying many other companies' ""tobacco"" juices, I find that The Duke still obliterates them all. I can't stand fruity or dessert type flavors in my vape, and I don't taste any of that crap in The Duke. This is the best juice I've ever tried, with Eastwood coming in not far behind.

      Highly recommended!"

    9. Perfect

      I went out on a limb with this one in that I ordered some based on all the rave-reviews and it just sounded so interesting. Long story short, it delivered. It satisfies in every way and helped me kick an 18 year habit. I no longer have the desire to smoke OR chew and that's saying something. It has a GREAT throat kick and then a bit of sweetness and a nice hazelnut aftertaste. I flew threw an 18ml bottle in no time, ordered another, then ordered a 30ml bottle just because I don't want to run out for a while. It's that good. Needless to say, I've found my adv. thanks Indigo.

    10. good

      really dry, will have guzzling water. slightly sweet tobacco flavor with a really good throat hit. Tastes/smells a kinda like popcorn after about a month though...

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