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Indigo's first custard tobacco!  It took us a while to find a safe custard, but now that we have watch out!  This is one smooth tobacco blend vape! 

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5 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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#42 WOW

This is my new adv. between this,Eastwood and indigo express im set. Just better than any other juice maker
Posted by Kevin, 14th May 2020


Its....its this Indigo juice...any of it. Its just better.
Posted by Kevin, 23rd Apr 2020


Wow. Once again Tony nails it. Indigo doesn't have a bad flavor. I've been an Eastwood vaper for years and now I finally tried this. I don't know why I waited so long. Indigo vapor is filled with geniuses apparently
Posted by Kevin, 10th Mar 2020


I love this juice. I have been buying it for a year. I've tried others from this company in the past but this one is definitely my favorite. My only complaint is the bottles. The big glass bottles are not the best. The droppers is also glass and they have come all busted up. On several occasions I have not even been able to get the bottle open. I understand you are supposed to push down and turn, but if the cap is busted it's not very easy and very frustrating.
Posted by Suzanne Miller, 30th Nov 2019


I’m a Ry fan. The #42 is ok, but it’s one I prefer to mix with something else with more... bite. It’s very mellow, and the custard flavor is there without a doubt. I like the Ry because it has tons of flavor and doesn’t get old to my tastebuds. Indigo has the best quality juices I’ve tasted, and quality or not, this doesn’t touch the Ry. Nothing does. So far, it’s the only tobacco juice I’ve not either detested, or just not found pleasing. Still though, if you vape another custard and are looking to find something more pleasing and peak of quality, this might just be the vape for you.
Posted by Jason, 7th Nov 2018

Creamy Layers of Tobacco goodness.

It's a steeper, Fresh out the box, (3mg max vg) I get a super creamy, thick, rich toasted custard. Mildly sweet, with an ever so light hint of fresh tobacco leaf on exhale. It's freshly mixed - literally 3 days from mix date on bottle. I can tell that there are some layers of flavors just waiting to come out. Hopefully the tobacco will evolve to a more distinct note.
Posted by undefined, 14th Jun 2018

Velvety Smooth Sweetness

I tried this flavor on a whim in one of my sampler packs. 6mg nicotine, 50/50 PG/VG, left to steep for a few weeks before sampling. It's a nice smooth dessert flavor, interestingly complex, more sweet than savory. It has an initial taste of lightly spiced custard, moderated by a note of sweet tobacco that comes through more strongly at the finish. Very tasty!
Posted by Sam G., 21st Dec 2017


just try it.
Posted by Philip, 22nd Apr 2017

Not a big sweet fan...BUT

This is a great liquid! Nice,smooth I will have this on hand along with my fav The Duke! Great for end of the day or all day....I was impressed!
Posted by undefined, 7th May 2016