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A bold Tobacco eLiquid with a seriously icy kick to it! Menthol lovers rejoice.  

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5 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings)
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Nice tobacco

I like the tobacco - it is rich and smooth, I gave it 4 stars because I feel it needs more ice/menthol like some of the others. I will buy again to doctor up.
Posted by undefined, 13th Jul 2016

Good flavor, could use more menthol

Recently purchased Analog ice along with others and was excited to find a menthol tobacco. love the tobacco flavor but can barely detect any menthol. Good vape production but can we more menthol?
Posted by undefined, 1st Feb 2016

The best eJuice for me

Came across this flavor by accident when a friend recommended it, Never used anything else since then. It's perfect.
Posted by Barnard, 28th Jan 2016

Best e-juice ever used

Tried many many different flavors, but this is and always will be my fav.
Posted by undefined, 23rd Dec 2015


2 parts Analog ice with extra menthol, 1 part Icy Watermelon Park equals heaven. Not to take away from Analog ice by itself. Has a very unique nutish flavor with a cool aftertaste. I had them add extra menthol since I had smoked menthol cigs for years. 5 stars for AI and the indigo vapor company.
Posted by Nicholas, 6th May 2015


This tastes similar to indigo's other style of tobaccos, so don't expect it to be a totally different blend of mint freshness, but it's quality juice, with fast shipping. I would like to also request more menthol kick to this, but at the same time, people like me should probably just add their own menthol to tobacco blends since everyone likes a different level and it's hard to cater to that. I'm going to let this steep for a few days to a week, and I'll change my review to 5 stars if I like it even more.
Posted by Marlboro Man, 21st Apr 2015

Perfect for ex menthol smokers.

"When I want it simple, and I want it icy... this is the answer! I went through my tobacco sampler as I quit analogs and sometimes missed my days in Hawaii when I was a menthol smoker. Analog Ice was the ticket for those days. This is the perfect e-juice for the menthol smoker. I don't always want a icy vape but when I do... I prefer Analog Ice. ;-)"
Posted by Dave T, 28th Feb 2015


I have bought 2 sample packs and so far this is my favorite flavor. I'm now ordering my 2nd Monolith bottle. To me it tastes like rich milk chocolate. I had someone else try it and they said it tasted like chocolate to them.
Posted by Ross, 28th Feb 2015

Best One I've Ever Had

Order 1st 15 ml and took by my wife after her 1st vape. The liquid was very well done. Great taste and smooth. Have requested Tony to dial up the menthol level. The result turns out amazing.
Posted by Patrick Tsai, 28th Feb 2015