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Apple Dapple


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Apple Dapple is an adult tart green apple inspired flavor – and as always it has an Indigo twist!

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4 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
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Apple Dapple

My OlLady likes this fruity stuff, so I have no dog in this fight. But she said she'll buy it again.
Posted by Bill OfRights, 10th Jul 2018

Jolly Apple: new all day vape

Oh my God I'm in love! I tried it just curious and ended up ordering a 60ml, and chasing down the mail man I was so anxious to get it! Now 3 weeks later its looking dangerously low. Really need to spring for the big one! Sour green apple jolly ranchers are my favorite candy, and this juice hit the nail on the head. Even when custom blend at a 70 vg there is just the right amount of sweet and sour. Kinda has a apple puckerness to it as well.
Posted by Mayson Z. D., 27th Feb 2015

slightly misnamed

"IMHO, should be ""Crouching Rancher, Hidden Apple"" Even on an RDA, the apple flavor is pretty muted. There's a touch of apple and a nice amount of sour, but the apple is pretty quiet. I definitely wouldn't say it slams the mouth like a jolly rancher would. It isn't a bad juice, but I don't think I'd rock it again."
Posted by theangstfulvaper, 27th Feb 2015

Apple Rancher Flavor

Bought 2 sampler packs and this one was by far my favorite. Tasted exactly like a sour apple jolly rancher.
Posted by undefined, 27th Feb 2015

My new favorite!

I have been searching for a sour green apple candy flavor, FOREVER. Most alternatives claim to taste like this, but end up vaping like apple juice. Been vaping 3 years and I settled for tart fruity flavors from other vendors. A buddy got this as a sample when he ordered here, and after my first drops, I was instantly hooked! Ordered a 60 ml bottle, dripped 45 of it in less than a month. Re-upped my order for fear of running out!
Posted by Ricky, 27th Feb 2015


I wasn't sure I was going to like this one, but it has the awesome taste of Jolly Rancher Apple, but not too strong. Great smooth apple taste! Reminds me of being a kid... Jolly Rancher Favorite!! YUMMY!
Posted by texasred007, 27th Feb 2015