US Surgeon General Comments Examined by Third Party

We constantly look for eCigarette studies to share, but it is very difficult to find unbiased reports.  Just like the news outlets during the presidential race - they are either pro-Clinton or pro-Trump, and you never know which are true findings or 'their interpretation'.  While we believe those from CASAA and other similar agencies, there is always doubt because of their stance on the subject.  CASAA Study from Boston University.

I was very interested in this article by Dr. Farsalinos, because it is from someone not in the industry - and is an actual Doctor that does research.  While he does support the eCigarette Industry, he does so because of his research to date. 

He agrees with some comments made in the statement, but disagrees with others and actually shows research on certain topics.  One of my favorite is that dessert and fruit flavors are to attract kids.  I don't know how many of you work in an office, but everyone I ever worked in had a candy bowl - and none of the employees were under 18.  He shows a chart showing chocolate consumption by age group to shed some light on the flavor options provided.

It's a great article and I recommend that anyone interested look it up!