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Coffee meets banana meets tobacco. Another one of Indigo's fun Coffee and Tobacco creations.


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5 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings)
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Hot Damn!

6mg, 50/50 This is delicious. I get a creamy roasted, lightly sweetened, medium bodied cappuccino; with a hint of banana cream. The mild fresh tobacco leaf flavor is on the exhale. This is a very uniquely blended flavor.
Posted by undefined, 14th Jun 2018

This one's always part of my order

To me this is the perfect vape. Like most, I started out 3 years ago sampling everything under the sun. Many mistakes along the way. Gradually narrowed my tastes to coffee and tobacco. I rarely buy tobacco flavors anymore. Out of maybe 10 coffee flavors I've tried, this one stands out as THE ONE. It was the first one I've ever ordered in the 120ml size because I knew I'd use it all up. It is my all day/every day vape. Thanks Indigo.
Posted by Michael, 20th Dec 2016


Perfect coffee flavor
Posted by undefined, 2nd Jun 2015


Awesome flavor...awesome smoke...just awesome everything...sweet and satisfyingly delicious
Posted by undefined, 1st Apr 2015

best coffee so far, just needs some cream =)

LOVE this one ! Ive been looking for the best coffee out there. This one takes the cake (and their Indigo cake is THE BEST). It IS described as a coffee tobacco, so Im still looking for the perfect coffee and cream only, but this one jumps into my top 5 tank rotation. Actually am liking it more each day. 4.5 stars
Posted by Shane S, 16th Mar 2015


tony hit a good one with this.very good coffee flavor. nice hint of banana
Posted by Ray Cummings, 28th Feb 2015


Got this as a sample with my order.It was a fantastic surprise.I didn't think I would like banana in my juice but this works so well with the tobacco and the coffee.Flavours are really well blended to perfection.I will definitely be ordering a bigger bottle next time!
Posted by Tammy Adrian, 28th Feb 2015