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A blend of two flavors courtesy of a Redditor’s suggestion. We tried it and instantly fell in love! Captain Oohrah is not to be taken lightly. Its a smooth, bold Tobacco blend with a touch of Banana and a robust throat hit. 


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5 out of 5 (based on 18 ratings)
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Eh,thank you,you guys rock...amazing juice n honorable peeps ,love yas.
Posted by Carlos, 5th Jan 2019

Yup Banana

A good tobacco mix however it's not for me; a little to much banana for my taste. This is a full flavored mix and very smooth.
Posted by NoName, 28th Jun 2018

Great tobacco flavor

I have used the Eastwood in the past and wanted to try this. It is a very full flavor. A little harsh at 18% Nicotine but I mixed it with a little Dawn to Dusk @ 6% Nicotine for a flavor enhancement and it is not my go to juice.
Posted by undefined, 9th Jan 2018

Not my favorite, but it's close

The tobacco flavors really punch the fruitiness through for me. I normally can't taste sweet juices at all, but this blend does the flavors a great service.
Posted by Jordan, 11th May 2016

Surprisingly smooth

This is my new favorite.
Posted by undefined, 19th Mar 2016

Such Taste, Much Cloud

Very good blend. Nice throat hit, good vapor production (70v/30p), and a very complex full flavor profile. Definitely my favorite so far (even upgraded to Monolith size). This was the "Boba's Bounty" killer for me.
Posted by Kristofer Kaufman, 28th Feb 2015

buy them serperate and don't mix

i love captain ron and oorah, but mixed together they loose the some of the strength of taste of their respective flavors. it's not bad, just not as good as each individual flavor.
Posted by PAULIE, 28th Feb 2015


This is my favorite Indigo tobacco flavor or any flavor I've tried from any vendor period. The C.O. manages to kick like a mule and also be quite sweet and smooth at the same time. Pulling off this feat of balancing is just one of the many mysteries that make Indigo's flavors so appealing. It goes down hard and comes out leaving a perfect wake of subtle banana and sweet graham cracker. Just a really, really great flavor. I wish I had a two liter bottle of it.
Posted by Jeff , 28th Feb 2015


"What else can I say that hasnt been said already? Ive searched high and low for good tobacco flavors and Indigo hits the mark with every juice. I got some Capt. Oohrah in a sampler and made sure to get a 15ml of this on my next order (which Im vaping right this second). Straight out of the mail goodness, but wait a week and your taste buds will melt. You cannot go wrong with this. "
Posted by TheGazzaOfThePrairie , 28th Feb 2015