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Go bananas with Captain Ron.  Our coconut infused tobacco base melds seamlessly with delicious banana.



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5 out of 5 (based on 30 ratings)
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Captain Ron and Indigo Vapor

Captain Ron is delicious and is all I ever vape now. Like all of the other juices produced by Indigo Vapor it is simply of the highest quality possible. No idea why anyone would buy elsewhere.
Posted by CH , 26th Mar 2019

Indigo Vapors

I literally never write reviews. Simply have to say, that after trying many dozens of e-liquids over the years, Indigo Vapor has no equal. By far, the highest quality there is. Shipping always lightening fast with zero issues over many orders. My favorite is Captain Ron with extra VG. I highly recommend this company without reservation.
Posted by Chris, 19th Dec 2018

Tasty combo

Interesting change of pace! Mild tobacco flavor with banana and coconut. It's well balanced, not overly sweet. I wasn't sure if I would like this one (I'm not into sweet or fruity vapor) but these flavors work surprisingly well together.
Posted by SG, 20th Aug 2017

Sweet Tobacco Bliss

If u love sweet tobacco you'll love this! A nice banana flavor with a mild tobacco. this is my second favorite, runner up to The Duke. The Duke is close to what I used to smoke and Captain Ron is a nice dessert-y tobacco flavor, delicious!!!
Posted by Joanie, 27th Mar 2017

ADV, great juice!

"Captain Ron is one of two advs I've used for over a year. The banana is lovely, with a nice sweetness that compliments the more bitter tobacco. The coconut is very slight, but gives it a nice creaminess. It's pleasantly sweet, but I can vape it all day without growing tired of it. It's unique but absolutely delicious. If you can, let it steep for at least a week (I think 2 is when it finally starts to shine). I usually can't wait and it's still great, but it'll get 'deeper' in flavor as it ages. All in all? Quality tobacco juices from a wonderful company that ships fast. "
Posted by undefined, 28th Feb 2015


will order again, i'm not a big banana fan, but this has the right amount and mix of it with the tobacco flavor. slightly sweet, not overly so. don't taste any coconut yet, just got it though
Posted by PAULIE, 28th Feb 2015


Got this in my sample pack and even after a week of steeping its still unvapable. I cant take a puff without coughing. Taste like alcohol with a slight hint of banana. After all the hype I've heard about it I'm very disappointed.
Posted by David Stancliff, 28th Feb 2015


"At first I didn't know what to think. But after a couple days with this I wish I would have ordered a larger bottle, its going to fast. No flavor overpowers the other, great mixing dude. Coconut, honey tobacco, banana? Rum maybe. its excellent."
Posted by Adam Austin, 28th Feb 2015


I love this juice. It's one of my adv. Hint of tobacco with coconut on top. Can't wait to try out other Tobacco juices from Indigo.
Posted by Kyle , 28th Feb 2015