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An Indigo RY Tobacco blend different then all others. This is a rich and smooth blend that borders on savory. This is one of Tony's favorites!


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5 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings)
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Eureka !

Taste is subjective, but for me,Eureka is the most enjoyable liquid Indigo mixes..Really can't define any one flavor,some RY in the background,light tobacco also..Not really sweet,just a rich creamy,smooth vape..Better than any pipe or stinky I've ever smoked..Been off smoking for seven years thanks to Indigo's various tobacco mixes..I've tried many tobacco vapes,for me nothing comes close to Indigo..Bob
Posted by Bob Carpenter, 18th Oct 2019

I Love Eureka!!

I've tried many vape flavours from Indigo & other companies . This is my all time fave, it's mainly all I smoke. It's the closest to a cigarette that I could ever find. I haven't smoked cigarettes in a year, thanks to Eureka. I never get tired of it! It pairs well with everything too! It wasn't any of the flavours that I tried 1st from Indigo. I'm so glad I gave it a shot! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!!
Posted by D, 31st Mar 2019

Great flavor

If your looking for a sweet and flavorful tobacco juice this is a good one. I've been buying Indigo tobacco juice for years and I've never been disappointed.
Posted by Mr. E Saenz, 13th Jul 2018

Best ever... of all time.

My only flavor anymore. Indigo's tobacco line made it relatively easy for me to quit cigarettes. Eureka quickly became the favorite, and has made it easy to step down in nicotine, all the way to zero now. Stepping down was easy, but zero was difficult. Missing that throat-hit from the nicotine was the hardest part for me. So, I tried a bottle of Icy-Eureka. After the first hit, "Eureka!" was all I could say! Not exactly the same as the throat-hit from nicotine, but this icy-punch to the throat is a fantastic substitute. Thanks Indigo, out of 5 starts your products get 9 stars, and the people of Indigo all get 10.
Posted by Matt, 2nd Oct 2017

Name says it all

Indigo vapor is one of the best. I regularly buy a couple of there flavors, including "the stuff", #42, anilog ice, and of course Eureka. Just bought the tobacco sampler with all 18 -in the 5ml - found some new favorites. Awesome stuff.
Posted by Paul G - Massachusetts , 22nd Jul 2017

Taste like Marlboro light

Best juice I have found!! Taste the most like a Marlboro light. Would recomend you give it a try
Posted by undefined, 24th Mar 2017


Clean vape
Posted by undefined, 29th Oct 2016

Tastes exactly like a BETTER version of Halo Tribeca

I started vaping using Halo liquid and I liked Tribeca but there was something about it that I didn't like, it was too bitter or something. So I didn't feel it could be something I could vape all day. Eureka tastes exactly like Tribeca but better. I say better because to me it's not bitter like Tribeca. It is a lot more smooth & less overpowering. If you like Tribeca, I really don't see how you wouldn't like Eureka a lot more. Bottom line is Eureka is just a better tasting juice in my opinion. I no longer use Halo juices. I use no other juices anymore at all except Indigo tobaccos. Duke, Eastwood, Express, Eureka, Oorahh are all all day vapes for me. That's 5 juices that are all day vapes & I'm picky as hell. Other companies I may have liked one or two but never 5. Those are the Indigo juices I've tried & I think they are all killer. Not to mention the best customer service by far compared to other companies I've dealt with. I will vape Indigo juices until I die or they go out of business. I hope they never go out of business because it's the best expirience I've had with e juice & I'm not blowing smoke up their asses! It's true
Posted by Joe, 13th May 2016's that good!

Eureka is fighting for my top spot something fierce! I've been through almost every "well known-over hyped" tobacco based liquid you can think of. Around two years ago I fell in love with Indigo's RY, I have exclusively vaped it since the first time I tried it. I tried this on a strong recommendation, and I'm in heaven again. I love this's got to be one of the best liquids anywhere. The balance of Eureka is as close to perfection as one can get. The flavor is simply amazing, vapor production is excellent as well. If you buy this, get the big bottle,
Posted by James Wagner , 15th Apr 2016