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Caramel Macchiato ala Indigo. A smooth concoction of Coffee, Cream, and Caramel! 


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4 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings)
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Five Bucks

I just ordered this for the first time and really like the coffee tobacco scent and flavors. I'm a big Eastwood fan and I love Presto Espresso (not available now) so have been looking for a nice coffee scented replacement for it... It's really nice!! Give it a try : )
Posted by Jeannette, 27th Feb 2019

Five Bucks

This is my favorite flavor! I do not like to vape anything too sweet, so this is just right.
Posted by Amber, 15th Jan 2019

It's okay

I really, really wanted to like this. I'm on the proverbial search for a great coffee flavor to replace one called 'KONA LATTE', that is no longer made. (Hint, hint for Indigo Vapor! I still have a little left; I could send you a bit! no tobacco). I have to mix Five Bucks with something else to mellow it out (like cream or vanilla); it has a very burnt taste to it. It's a little too harsh for me. Will probably still buy and just 'doctor' it, as the other coffee flavors on the market are horrible.
Posted by Lynn, 11th Dec 2017

Delightfully smooth smoke

I don't know what to say honestly. I've tried at least a hundred flavors of e-juice and none of them really stuck. Most of them were good enough but none of them gave me that, "This is MY Flavor" feeling. Until Five Bucks. I bought it from the clearance rack at my local vendor. The first thing I thought when I tasted it was, WOW that's really good I wonder what I had in this tank before. I assumed it was the combination of the previous juice and five bucks. When I went back to the e-cig store there wasn't anymore so I got online and ordered a bottle, it's been a love affair ever since. Five Bucks is smooth and semi sweet, it's like a caramel frappe and a good cigar all rolled into one.
Posted by undefined, 10th Jul 2017

My fav flav

After trying no less than 50+ flavors I found Five Bucks by Indigo Vapor! It's perfect for me. I don't like the fake cigarette flavors, I don't like the fruity flavors (there are a couple that are Okay but not my fav), I love this flavor. It's smooth and tastes like a fine cigar and a cup of Caramel Macchiato blended together and for me, that's a perfect blend.
Posted by suzannasinister, 23rd Sep 2016

Best Flavor Ever

I've tried countless flavors of vape liquid but Five Bucks is the best hands down...for me. A rich caramel flavor that reminds me of caramel cappuccino and a rich cigar.
Posted by suzannasinister, 2nd Sep 2016

Awesome product, inaccurate description.

Some of the other reviews are saying that it has a strong taste of popcorn. It really does, and doesn't smell or taste too much like coffee at all (a somewhat mild hint), but I actually really like it, and the quality is high. If you like the idea of a caramel / buttered popcorn mix then you should enjoy this.
Posted by Vaelzan, 15th Jun 2016

Smells great in the bottle...

When you first crack open the bottle the smell is very nice, I almost wanted to drink it :) The thoughts of a nice morning coffee flavored vape were running through my head but... after loading into a carto and filling the tank and taking that first puff I gagged a bit. It has a strong taste of burnt popcorn and is very unpleasant. It has a background after taste of the smell from the bottle but up front is very very strong burnt popcorn. I let it steep for a few days and loaded another carto but it still has the same bad flavor it just dries it out a bit more.
Posted by Eric, 28th Feb 2015

A bit disappointed

Maybe I got a bad batch, maybe I needed to steep it less, or longer. I wanted to like it, I really did because my coffee obsession is just about equal to my vaping obsession. However, all I tasted from this juice was buttered popcorn. I'd say still give it shot because Indigo is quality stuff, but this was not for me.
Posted by John Plucinski, 28th Feb 2015