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 OMGPeach, and a few fruity friends jumping in to tempt your taste buds.  If you like Peach, you have GOT to try this one!

Icy Finish was formally known as Peach Ice.

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5 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings)
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All ice

One of the worst ejuices I have ever vape in 10 years, pure garbage. This is something that steeping will not help so along with the grape ape it went directly into the bin. I'm glad they have outstanding tobacco flavors.
Posted by Mike, 9th Nov 2018

OMG, Indeed!

My only regret is that I got 18mg, because I want to chain vape it! True, wonderful peach flavor, not too perfumey or candy-like as with others. Like having both the juice and the skin when you bite into it, as another reviewer mentioned. When I bought it, he told me, it's been very well steeped. You're gonna love it." Yes, yes, I do! Heaven in a bottle, and a helluva throat hit at 18mg.
Posted by Heather, 21st Mar 2015


Natural peach, not too candy-like, hint of musk of peach skin, some light coconut and banana on the end. No weird floral/incense/perfume like some other juices. Awesome, awesome stuff.
Posted by JerryOnly, 27th Feb 2015

Very good flavor

"I like this one a lot and I'm going to be moving it into my regular rotation. Also, I mixed 7 parts OMGPeach with 1 part Eastwood, and it made something sent down from the heavens. Tastes exactly like peach loaf. Edit - after steeping this for about a week, the sweetness subsided significantly and it's even better than before. I would highly recommend letting this one steep."
Posted by Patrick, 27th Feb 2015

OMGpeach Rings!

Taste just like eating those gummy peach rings. I read a few of the other reviews and decided to give it a try and it is a very nice fruit vape. I usually stay with tobacco flavors but this one is moving into my regular rotation, it is so good!
Posted by Eric, 27th Feb 2015

Tons of flavor

"I'm a tobacco juice fan. Indigo's tobacco line is what got me off the cigs. But sometimes... I just am not in the mood for tobacco flavors. My mate and I are working our way through the fruit flavors as she is a fan of fruit juice. This is by FAR my favorite of the fruit line. For me (YMMV) this has the most flavor and since I love peach.... well you can guess the rest. Vaping this at 12mg it has a helluva throat hit and the peach flavor is very strong. Good stuff."
Posted by Dave T, 27th Feb 2015


"I got this one as a freebie in the sampler pack and i can say OOO MMM GGG Peeeeaaaaach, it is like biting into a nice ripe peach for the first time and getting that juice tang hit coupled with the flesh of the fruit.... If you like your fruit vapes this should be a MUST on your shopping will be on mine. "
Posted by Keith Squibb, 27th Feb 2015

I was surprised!!

When I first received this OMG Peach, I admittedly didn't like it, so I set it aside. Gave it a shot again the other day and hugely surprised! Great smooth sweet peach flavor! I don't know if my taste buds were off the first day, or this juice just needed a couple more days to steep, but Im glad I gave it a second chance! Definitely a forerunner in my vaping lineup!
Posted by Tyson O'Bryan, 27th Feb 2015

easy five stars

"This is really great juice. Most peach juices I've had are pretty lightweight on the peach flavor or too perfume-y. This one isn't. Big ripe real peach flavor, enough sweetness to keep it fruity but not too cloying. This could easily be an ADV for me."
Posted by theangstfulvaper, 27th Feb 2015