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Two separate and distinct Tobacco blends meld together with surprises to add just the right hint of sweet, yeildinga smooth and delicious vape. It will certainly answer your Tobacco cravings. 


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5 out of 5 (based on 45 ratings)
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OOHRAH eLiquid

Excellent flavor and vape, must have cig. flavor and this does. Very pleased with flavor and shipping service. Will continue to order.
Posted by Joe Mathis, 13th Jan 2020


literally tastes like a mix of cigarette and cigar with a touch of drak chocolate....its amazing
Posted by kevin, 24th Nov 2019


I just received my order which came incredibly fast considering it was my first order and I had to verify my age; this is one of the best e-cig tobacco flavors I've ever tried. I am 62 a lifelong smoker, and this is better than any cigarette I've ever had. It is not harsh, ever so slightly sweet and smooth, I am not one for the fruity flavors and this one fits the bill perfectly. I am incredibly pleased.
Posted by Kit, 23rd Nov 2019

Bad Aftertaste

This had good reviews on the internet, so it must be a matter of taste, but this was gross to me.
Posted by Tracie Rawlins, 8th Nov 2019


Welp- I reviewed this 3 yrs ago. 6 out of 5 stars 3 yrs later still. Bout all I vape. Would be lost without it. Tony is truelly the vape WIZARD..OF A THOUSAND KINGS...
Posted by DANIMAL, 2nd May 2019

Simply the best

Title says it all. This is by far the best flavor ever. If you want to quit smoking this is a good bet
Posted by Mike, 18th Nov 2018

Just right

This is very good. Great customer support and service. Thanks for the replacement.
Posted by Mije, 17th Nov 2018

Works Well with Temp Control

I have it set at 540 right now, though at cooler temps, say 420, it's also nice. Nickel coil. Pulling slowly produces a lovely flavor and beautiful vapor. Despite being dark this stuff doesn't clog or burn. I add a little tincture of a plain tobacco to the tank sometimes, which is also nice.
Posted by Ed, 28th Mar 2018

Excellent Quality and taste!!

The taste has that tobacco flavor that is a must for me. Very smooth and taste great..
Posted by undefined, 13th Jul 2017