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Schticky Buns


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 Cinnamon Rolls anyone?  This delicious confection will be a real treat for those that like cinnamon rolls.  Vape away and indulge.


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5 out of 5 (based on 4 ratings)
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Not a fan of this one. Didn't taste like cinnamon rolls to me, was kinda weird and chemically.
Posted by NoName, 15th Jul 2018


Would give 5 stars but my latest shipment of SCHTICKY BUNS 60ml was real cloudy liquid.
Posted by undefined, 30th Jul 2015

10/10 for perfect sweet smooth, not too hot cin flavor.

I have a carry case anf table set up of my top 5 all time juices. This Schricky buns just made it in there and kicked out EVERY cinnamon juice I have owned to date. Sweeet smooth cinnamon taste, no burning cinnamon. This is a given LOVE for anyone who tries it. LOVE IT ! Indigo is tops in juice and bottle quality, customer service, satisfaction, and speed of orders to your door. Each bottle is pen written with its born on date, mgs, etc Making me feel that it was made JUST for me, and just needs me to name the bottle, like a pet. lol love Indigo !
Posted by Shane S, 12th Mar 2015


I like vaping something a little sweet and smooth. This is the first one that has delivered on both. I also just purchased the new Mini Nautilus and it really brought the flavor out. The pair is a must have. Thanks Indigo!!!
Posted by Bourbon, Indiana, 25th Feb 2015