Shipping & Returns

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Returns Policy

eLiquid: Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns, so we encourage customers to try our smaller and sample sizes first, as personal taste vary. However, your concerns and comments are important to use and the development of additional products. Please send any comments that you have to


Consumable Hardware: Consumable hardware such as atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers and cartridges are non-refundable unless proven to be dead on arrival. Defective consumable hardware may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 14 days of receipt. 

Additional Hardware: We provide a 14 day warranty on all batteries, chargers and other e-cigarette components, with the exception of consumable hardware listed above.


Battery Warning: Be advised that the batteries on this site are Lithium Cells. We duly caution you that lithium batteries have known issues while being charged. Lithium cells are known to occasionally ignite while charging. By purchasing a battery or charger you acknowledge that charging lithium cells is not without risk. Make SURE you read all instructions and only use batteries that recommended for device. Do NOT charge batteries unattended. Do NOT leave batteries on the charger once the batteries are fully recharged.  Do not put Batteries OR Mods in a pocket with any other metal items, such as coins, paperclips, nails, etc.  This can close the circuit and cause the battery to overheat / vent causing serious injuries.


We ship to many countries and all APO addresses.  If you do not see your country listed, you may contact  There are several countries that we are unable to add due to abundant fraudulent credit card charges, so we apologize in advance if we are unable to add your country.

When you place an order, you are selecting available shipping options of your choice.  Once delivered to the shipping agency, the responsibility is transferred to the purchaser and shipping agency.  Any shipping estimate provided is from the shipping agency of your choice and should be considered an estimate only.  Current flat rates are to protect the customers against weight issues inherent in website hosting software.  Processing and shipment times are seperate consideration and should not be included in estimates.

 *** Note to USPS selections:  The only guaranteed shipment time is for EXPRESS.  USPS Priority dates are only estimates and no refunds will be granted if not met. ***

International Customers: Please be aware that we are not responsible for any item siezed by customs.  Please be familiar with your countries laws and consider them prior to placing an order.