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 After many requests, Sunset is here.  This pleasingly peachy flavor is a subtle highlight to a distinctive tobacco flavor.  Give it a try!


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4 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
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well pleased...

i was glad to see the sunset i ordered had been in the bottle a bit and the taste blew me away. not normally into fruit flavors but it's great for an occasional change of pace.
Posted by joel english, 22nd Jun 2015

peach. wow!

the peach is amazing. This is a very under-rated tobacco on this site. It's a runner-up after Eastwood (which is the greatest of all time) for me. Peach is just right, but the tobacco is not forgotten here. It' simple and uncomplicated and just right. The tobacco flavor is like a real cigarette....which I'm glad I quit a year ago. Very satisfying, and well done.
Posted by B., 25th May 2015

Peach me I must be dreaming

Incredible! This is one of my favorite flavors. The peach flavor is not overwhelming. It's a great mix of tobacco with the sweet smell and taste of peaches.
Posted by Jeremy, 28th Feb 2015

Great ADV (All Day Vape)

If Kick Back is your creamy/honeyed tobacco, then Sunset should most definitely be in your next order. The peach flavor is a mild closing note, mostly on the exhale, behind a nice smoky tobacco flavor. Kudos to Indigo for another great and creative blend.
Posted by Abel, 28th Feb 2015

Too Peachy

I'm surprised at the other review saying it needed to be more peachy, as I found this juice to be a little too peachy and kind of lost the tobacco in there somewhere. It is for this reason that I gave three stars, as it's not really Indigo's fault. I did steep my bottle for a week before vaping it, so maybe I should have vaped it a little sooner? I'm still new to the particulars of vaping like voltage, resistance, steeping, etc. While I definitely did not hate or even dislike the Sunset flavor it is the only Indigo Tobacco flavor that I am not positively crazy about.
Posted by Jeff , 28th Feb 2015

On the money

"The Sunset for me was an instant hit. The flavor is a mellow tobacco with a hint of fruitiness to it. The website says its peach, but I gotta say, being an actual peach fruit lover i found it difficult to find the peachiness in it, but non the less there still is a fruitiness about it. This will definitely be on the reorder list. Dreaming on sitting in my outback mountain at sunset vaping with this :)"
Posted by Keith Squibb, 28th Feb 2015