The Down Under


This RY mix is more in line with the industries idea of tobacco... A little tobacco with dessert accents while still maintaining the traditional trio of tobacco, vanilla and caramel. If you are one of those people that like sweeter tobacco – this is the one for you!


(Formerly known to testers as Beta RY :-) )


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Down Under

Down Under is a very pleasant Vape..No one flavor is in your face,just just an easy going full vape..Not too sweet,but still flavorful..Just me,I was getting a throat tickle with tobacco vapes at 6 nic. so I got this in 3 nic..For me,Down Under needs 6 nic for a touch of throat hit..Down Under is a great all day vape..BTW,I don't get any tobacco flavor from Down Under,maybe a touch of sweet pipe tobacco,Bob
Posted by Bob Carpenter, 20th Aug 2019

The Down Under

Simply the "Best"! I have tried several of Indigo's tobacco range juices all of which are fantastic. But this one is without question one of Tony's greatest tobacco creations. It is the liquid nectar of the God's. If your looking for a hard hitter tobacco flavour as I did when I first started vaping 5 years ago to replace two and a half packets of Marlboro Reds per day then "The Turk" is for you. After awhile you may want to try something else to excite the taste buds without loosing out on the tobacco flavour. Trust me on this, as a previously heavy smoker you will 'NOT' be disappointed! "The Down Under" will take you to another whole level of enjoyment. It is utterly delectable. Everyone that I have given a vape to of "The Down Under"has gone crazy over the flavour and the aroma and never looked back. Thanks to Indigo Vapour I have been cigarette free for over 5 years, something I never thought possible. 5 stars simply is not enough! You Rock Indigo Vapour. From an Aussie "Down Under"
Posted by Adrian, 13th Aug 2019

The best I have ever had

Posted by mike, 20th Mar 2019