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The Duke


 If you’re looking for a strong, bold and flavorful tobacco - The Duke is for you.  This is a tobacco that the Man himself would be proud to vape!


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5 out of 5 (based on 89 ratings)
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Perfect for former smoker

I love this liquid. I'm a former smoker and only vape so that I don't go back to smoking. I don't like fruity or flavored liquid. I just like a liquid that replaces the cigarettes and The Duke nails it. Also, I only tried this because it was sent to me after I left a negative review on another popular liquid on this site. I didn't request this, but it was sent anyway for me to try. I have a vapor store right around the corner from me, but I won't be going there anymore because the Customer Service on this site is unbelievable to me.
Posted by Tracie, 1st Dec 2019

The Duke,The Best

For my taste the Duke is the best pure tobacco mix out there,and I have tried many...Hard to define the flavor,just a great vape without overpowering sweetness some have but still a great flavor..My all day vape although I do switch off to Eastwood or Down Under for a flavor change at times...Indigo mixes have a great throat hit,I'm down to 3 nic. with the duke..If you're an EX smoker the Duke will keep you off stinkys..Give them a try if a great mellow, pure tobacco flavor is for you,Bob
Posted by Bob Carpenter, 27th Sep 2019

The Duke

Love this liquid! I was a smoker for 30 years of that light W gold box And this is only liquid that is anywhere close
Posted by Bates, 9th Jul 2019

The Duke

I smoked Winston Lights for 24 years. I smoked because I enjoyed the taste of my cigarettes. I didn’t want a fruity or sweet liquid I wanted a cigarette taste. I did my research and thankfully found this site and The Duke! I can now enjoy a cigarette with my coffee or while watching a movie or driving because I didn’t smoke in my house or car! It’s my all day liquid and I will reorder as long as it’s available. The best compliment was my teenage boy hugged me and told me my hair smelt good like my shampoo instead of like a cigarette!! . Thank you Indigo. This momma is a happy girl
Posted by BB, 11th May 2019

The Duke

The one I always go back to...I've been vaping Indigo 'bacco flavors for about three years,no one comes close..I don't even try other brands anymore..To change up I'll go for Aussie Dream or Eastwood but The Duke is,to my taster, the best ADV out there..No frills,just a great tobacco flavor..It does have a hit so check your nic level,Bob
Posted by Bob Carpenter, 20th Feb 2019

Can't rebuke the duke

Excellent product! If you prefer a straight tobacco taste with a slight sweetness, this is perfect. Not overpowering, with good amount of smoke and always consistent.
Posted by JerryH, 13th Feb 2019

good tobacco flavor, great customer service

Have nothing but good things to say, both the products and the service are top notch. Have had issues with shipping on 2 orders, both times Indigo went above and beyond to get it taken care of. Happy customer here!
Posted by Justin, 29th Oct 2018

The Duke

Smooth and flavorful.
Posted by Red, 6th Aug 2018

All Hail the Duke!

Very good tobacco flavored juice. Not smoky, not bitter. It's a slightly sweet, slightly savory blend. The only reason I give 4 stars is I believe the name The Duke is a misnomer for this flavor. The name and description implies it is a very bold juice, but really the tobacco flavor is quite mild.
Posted by Mr. E Saenz , 13th Jul 2018