Indigo Vapor has built its reputation on creating bold and unique tobacco flavors.  Whether you want a straight shooting tobacco flavor or complex, delicious combinations - we are your one stop shop.  Many people who have sworn off these eLiquids in the past have made the conversion to our Tobacco flavors.  Some NET aficionados have had difficulty telling our eLiquid from NETs.  If you have been unsatisfied with Tobacco Flavors before, treat yourself to one of our many excellent flavors. 

Looking for a bold tobacco eLiquid?  Give The Duke, OOHRAH!, The Turk, Kick Back or Eastwood a try.  Looking for a smooth enjoyable vape?  Try #42, Hurley Burley, Indigo RY, The Duchess, Captain Oohrah or Eureka.  Want a fruity eLiquid twist to your favorite tobacco?  Take a look at Captain Ron, Sunset or Uncle Cutty.  So many options and so little time.  Come find your all day tobacco eLiquid!

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